We had a great time in Lille!

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Lille is a beautiful city, and we had a great time at the conference! Here are some of my impressions:

  • It was great fun to present our papers at the conference in unconventional ways: We presented the three types of supermarkets we had found in our research, by reading three stories, each written from the perspective of the researcher visiting that supermarket. We invited people to choose for one of the three shops (family/student-house/firm) to work in. The family supermarket was the most popular shop (amongst women!).
  • We engaged the participants to get to know the design principles by asking them to fill out a small self-test. It is quite a challenge to work with a test like that with academics... They will usually never just fill out such an instrument, they would always reflect upon the items and the test itself as well... But there was no need to worry: we had a very interested audience and it was great fun to hear all their comments and ideas!
  • There was a nice session where we could 'meet the editors'. Two editors (Kenneth Bartlett of Advances in Developing Human Resources and Peter Kuchinke of HRD International) told us about their journals and the publishing process. My colleague and me are very enthusiastic to do a proposal for a special issue on knowledge productivity! It was so motivating to hear that these editors are open for all kinds of new plans and ideas. There are no restricting formats (except for quality of course!).
  • There were some good presentations! Not only content wise but also the way they were presented. One of the presenters, George Boak, had a nice way of presenting results: he divided the results-section of his presentation into 'the expected' and 'the unexpected'. I'm going to remember that one!
  • Maria Cseh gave her reflection on research that produces characteristics of 'innovative leaders', 'successful change agents' etc. These researches tend to produce endless lists of all kinds of traits that altogether remind you of a 'superhuman'. She said: "Isn't it strange.. none of my friends has all these characteristics, but somehow we can go along really well, how come?". It is very true I think that these traits will never in itself make someone succesful. It is always something that happens in the relation as well.


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