Open access journals

It is about time for science to democratize... Fortunately I am not the only to believe in that. I found quite a lot of open access journals and articles lately. In the Netherlands there is the 'Keur der Wetenschap'. A place where lots of articles of Dutch scientists can be found. Recently the work of Robert-Jan Simons was added to this database. The database is also very helpful in finding on-line versions of dissertations.
Another place to visit (and to stay for a whole afternoon, browsing your way through all the interesting stuf!) is the Dirctory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). From this site you can access lots of journals in various fields (from food sciences to social science). Within every field the journals are divided into sub-themes. I browsed through some magazines under 'education' and found it worthwhile. In the he Journal of Cognitive Affective Learning I found an interesting article on 'the relationship between love and knowledge'. A well-written article in an interesting field. One could tell that most of the journals are peer-reviewed. It obviously ensures their quality. In the Journal of Educational Enquiry I found an article on the value of think-aloud-data in understanding learning. So, lots of interesting and good stuff that is accessible to anyone with an internet-connection!