Innovation game was a success!

We developed a game for people to learn to work with the design principles for knowledge productivity in order to improve their own innovation practice. The game consists of a role-play in which people bring in their own cases. One group plays the situation and the other group observes and gives directions to the other group in order to create a breakthrough in the process. The design principles were used as a starting point to design interventions. It was great fun to work like this. One of the nice things from this game being not only a game but also part of my research, is that I did short interviews with all the participants afterwards. They were all enthusiastic and I heard many beautiful examples of how they used the things they've learned in the game in their own work. Other learnings:

  • Doing interviews after an intervention like this is not only contributing to my research purpose, it is a learning intervention in itself. I should do this more often after working with people.
  • The design principles appeared to be a useful framework to analyse what is going on and to decide upon next steps. They do not prescribe how that next step looks, but they give an indication of its direction.
  • Every participant filled out a small self-test before the start of the game. This appeared to be an effective and personal way to get to know the design principles beforehand.
  • The lessons learned by the participants were most of the time not new lessons. It were insights that connected to things they encountered before. This confirms the idea that learning works best when it connects both to prior knowledge and to a question the learner is occupied with.