From fairytales to spherecards: Towards a new research methodology for improving knowledge productivity








The Forum Qualitative Social research-journal, (one of the online open-access journals) has published our article! We, that means me and some of my research-practice-colleages, are very proud of this new and unusual publication in this noteworthy journal. It is a contribution to the special issue on performative social science in which we give a new perspective on the collaboration between research and practice. In our article we combine a solid foundation on the basis of literature with msn-conversations, pictures, lively examples of innovative research methods, and we develop a new model that presents a connection cycle. The model puts into words the stages of co-production that researchers and practitioners go through when collaborating with the aim to be knowledge productive. The model connects the learning cycles of both researchers and practitioners. There are six stages of co-production: 1) curiosity, 2) approach, 3) experience, 4) ideas, 5) knowledge creation, and 6) knowledge productivity. Enjoy reading the article!