Actual Research

Knowledge productivity research at Habiform:
Our research team consists of Paul Keursten, Marloes van Rooij, Joseph Kessels and Suzanne Verdonschot. In our research programme, we are exploring how to stimulate and support the learning processes an organisation needs for the improvement and innovation of its products, services and processes. The key questions of this research are:

  1. Which learning processes contribute to improvement and innovation of operating procedures, products and services?
  2. Which variables promote or inhibit these learning processes?
  3. How can these learning processes be stimulated by targeted interventions?



Knowledge productivity: the development of knowledge as social communicational processinterview kirsti
Kirsti Booijnk-Kemna, student at the University of Twente, did a research on knowlegde productivity. She has investigated the social and communicative process that plays an important role in knowledge development. She finished the research in December 2006. Read more...




Stumble-stones on the way to knowledge productivity

Loreta Vaicaityte finished her master in the field of Human Resource Development at the University of Twente.

Her research investigates the stumble stones on the way to knowledge productivity. What keeps people from being knowledge productive? What are ways to overcome this?