About this site

This website on knowledge productivity is an initiative of Suzanne Verdonschot. For myself, this website fulfills the function of a log during the process of my PhD-research. In making this log public, I hope you may find something of interest for yourself as well. The following is an overview of the site’s contents:

  • Under the button Research will be found information about the research on knowledge productivity I conduct together with my colleagues. You’ll read about the background and about the research we are busy with at the moment. You’ll find articles on the subject delineating all aspects of the design principles (one of the main findings of the research: a set of eleven design principles). You will also have access to the (online and in Dutch) tool we developed to reflect upon your own knowledge productivity processes.
  • Under Sources are found books, articles, studies and websites I myself used.
  • Under Events you'll find conferences and other events I attend or that simply interest me.
  • In the Blog I share everything else that's new.

I am curious to hear your reactions, so please feel free to leave a comment or write an e-mail to sverdonschot at kessels-smit dot nl.